GCIP Moldova

Taking into account the profiles of the SMEs, it can be assumed that the main applications of the GCIP Moldova will be the SMEs that operate in the production and commercialization of renewable energy.

It is expected that the companies will propose new technologies to increase the energy efficiency and production of renewable energy for the main energy consumer sectors (Residential, Agricultural, Transport, Commercial sector, etc). The GCIP Moldova approach creates a unique ecosystem that supports SMEs on the journey from idea to operational business by providing competition-based business acceleration services for innovative cleantech start-ups and SMEs, linking enterprises to private sector investors, and financial entities.

The Republic of Moldova is a small country with a high dependence on the import of energy resources which makes the country very vulnerable in terms of energy security and results in rising domestic energy prices and national debt. To reduce the dependence on the import the energy resources, the Government of Moldova approved strategies focused on renewable energy production, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing GHG emissions by supporting new and innovative technologies. As small and medium enterprises (SMEs) represent 98.6% of the total number of enterprises and there are working for around 61.6% of the total employed it is expected that SMEs will play a crucial role in the introduction of the new technologies in the local market.